Managing Business Projects

Managing Business Projects

We are all engaged in different projects that deliver business objectives so as to be able to keep evolving in a dynamic and competitive market place. Project Management knowledge and skills are critical in today’s work place for all. Projects engage stakeholders from various parts of the business who have varied expectations from Projects. This workshop will cover some critical success factors that can deliver successful outcomes to projects.

What is covered?

  • Understanding the nature of Projects
  • Meet the Project Success Parameters
  • Evaluate Methodologies Vs the Real World
  • Elaborate Project Critical Success Factors
  • Articulate Project Management Competencies
  • Project Case Study

Target Group

  • Project Managers
  • Project Officers
  • Other Line Managers
  • Employee from Project Centered Departments
  • High Potentials


Participants will be able to:

  • Understand the Project Management Dilemma
  • Apply critical success factors for project success
  • Use methodologies appropriately in the real world
  • Satisfy various stakeholders’ interest in a project
  • Make optimum utilization of project resources
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