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(ESOL – English for Speakers of Other Languages)

  • “UK Certified – Online/Blended Learning Platform”
  • A student gets all the Learning Resources (Material), Practice Tests, Progress Monitoring Report, Final Exam (Assessment) and Certificate, available online while taking teacher assistance where necessary.
  • This course is suitable for anyone wanting to improve English Language in all the 4 aspects of language learning of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.


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  • Online Examination (Assessment)
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  • Prepare yourself to take IELTS (Academic) Exam

ESOL Levels & Learning Outcome:

ESOL – Entry Level 1 – Learning Outcomes:

* Speaking to communicate, speaking to take part in discussions
* Listening and responding
* Reading comprehension
* Recognizing words and understanding grammar and punctuation
* Writing – forming sentences with correct spelling, grammar and punctuation
* Writing short composition

ESOL – Entry Level 2 – Learning Outcomes:

* Speaking to communicate, engaging in discussion with one or more people.
* Listening and responding to straightforward information, short narratives, explanations and
* Reading and understanding straightforward texts/documents on familiar topics.
* Writing to communicate with some awareness of the intended audience.

ESOL – Level 1 – Learning Outcomes:

* Speaking to communicate; giving information clearly, offering ideas and opinions, adapting    speech/responses to take account of the listener and medium.
* Engaging in discussion with one or more people in familiar and unfamiliar situations, making    clear and relevant contributions.
* Listening to spoken language, including information and narratives, and following    explanations and instructions of varying length/complexity.
* Reading and understanding texts of varying lengths on a variety of topics accurately and    independently.
* Writing to clearly communicate information, ideas and opinions using length, format and style appropriate to purpose and audience.

IELTS Exam Preparation – Learning Outcomes:

* The Advanced English Language and IELTS Preparation Course is most suited to you if you are already able to hold conversations confidently, read and understand a variety of texts, and write clearly and accurately. If you can do these things then you will benefit from this course.
* In addition, this course is ideal if you are considering sitting for Academic IELTS Examination.
* The Advanced English Language and IELTS Preparation Course will enable you to become more confident when dealing with complex and unfamiliar situations. You will learn to listen to extended conversations, follow detailed instructions/explanations and adapt your responses accordingly.
* You will work at  fluency when making contributions to discussions in a variety of   situations.
* You will also obtain more practice in reading materials of varying length and detail from different sources.
* You will learn to communicate your ideas in writing (and speech) using content and a format/ style that is appropriate to the situation and audience.
* Finally, as you complete each module, you will develop a clearer understanding of what is required when preparing for the IELTS examination.
* Understanding the Academic IELTS Exam and an overlook of the Academic IELTS exam, illustrating the key parts of the examination and some helpful tips when tackling the more challenging parts of the exams.

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