Customer Service Training

Customer Service Training

Defining Company’s Customer Service Philosophy

The first step to defining a customer service philosophy is to understand our customers and what we are really providing to them. When it comes to customer service, there is a tendency for businesses to think that service is what happens “after” the sale. When you think in terms of the experience you deliver before, during, and after the sale, you start to see the real opportunities you have to help people. Every year we handle many customers. Every contact is an opportunity to enhance the customer’s experience and make a good impression. Do you tap on this opportunity? We are all Customers!! So don’t we know how we want to be treated? If yes then why not reciprocate the same feeling?

What is covered?

  • The Customer Focused Person & Culture
  • Our Customers & Service Levels
  • How to make the Customer Experience Memorable
  • Complaint Handling Systems
  • Improving Internal Customer Service
  • Feedback, Suggestions and Evaluations

Target Group

  • Customer service officers
  • Sales team
  • Sales executives
  • Marketing executives
  • Marketing Manager


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