Kiswahili Basics




    Swahili Speaking is a major challenge for foreigners staying Tanzania or  tourists visiting Tanzania. It is a hindrance to many; be it foreigners working in companies; house wives going for shopping or conversing with house maid.


    This course will enable a candidate to speak Swahili language by using simple vocabularies in various environment like at home (with house maid); at the office with fellow colleagues, at the market, introducing oneself, answering simple questions and reading messages in whatsapp and the like.


    Learning Outcomes

    • Learn basics of Swahili Language
    • Converse easily and confidently
    • Build the confidence while speaking


    Level 1

    Duration: 3 Weeks

    No. of Hrs: 1.5 Hours per day

    Days: Mon-Fri



    • Greetings, self introduction and introducing others
    • Giving directions, days of the week, months in a year
    • Telling time and giving directions
    • Correct pronunciation of Swahili Terms
    • Simple Grammatical Tenses

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