Business Communication Skills

Business Communication Skills

Communications in Business is vital to convey the message across to business stakeholders. Success of any business depends on the right communication to the right people in the right language at the right time. There are ample situations where people lose important business deals due to lack of good communication skills. This workshop will assist company staff to learn the right tips and tricks of using the correct communication methodology leading to tremendous business growth.

What is Covered?

Principles of Communication in Business

  • Purposes of Communication
  • Using an appropriate Medium & Channel
  • Formal Documents Writing
  • Presenting Information for purpose
  • Principles of Document Writing

Oral/Written Communication

  • Listening Skills
  • Summarizing Business Documents
  • Selecting Relevant Information
  • Rejecting Irrelevant Information to fit the purpose
  • The word limit rule

Electronic Communication in Business

  • Importance of electronic Communication in Business using tools like Mobile Devices, Social Networking Media, Email, Websites & Blogs, Online Communication Tools.

Who should attend?

  • Front-Desk Staff
  • Secretaries & Receptionists
  • Sales & Marketing Personnel
  • Administration Staff
  • Department Heads & Managers
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